A step to safety

The project aims to empower local NGOs for prevention and mitigation activities related to the causes and consequences of crises in their work with end-users. An innovative approach to this problem reflects on the overall community’s sense of security. This project is essential to achieve better and more efficient contributions from NGOs in crises and to better organize fieldwork during such situations. It increases the quality of crisis management and provides clear information to the civil sector on how to act and take care of citizens after a crisis. This ensures preventive action regarding crises and establishes concrete programs and plans for such situations. The activities are entirely relevant to the identified problems and community needs. The innovative application resulting from the project represents a step towards fast and efficient communication between civil protection services and their members and volunteers.

The target group is NGOs from the Dubrovnik-Neretva County that need strengthening for action during and after a crisis. NGOs engage in activities that do not involve crisis exercises, leading to insufficient security levels for their users. The year 2020 was marked by numerous crises, highlighting an even greater need for self-organization and further advancement of crisis management.

As part of the project, public reception areas in case of an earthquake in Dubrovnik were marked, making it the first city in Croatia with designated public spaces for citizen evacuation in case of an earthquake.

Program: ESF

Approved funds: EUR 66,104.22