The Think Green project stems from the awareness of young people about serious issues of global warming and its negative impacts on the quality of life. Given the uniqueness of Dubrovnik as a tourist destination, where maintaining a clean environment is challenging during the season, young people have decided to take action. Inspired by the initiative of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Association (UOLL), which uses recycled caps to raise funds for expensive medicines, young people want to expand recycling actions to all high schools in Dubrovnik. The goal is to encourage young people, schools, and citizens to participate in a project that will not only clean the environment but also support vulnerable groups like UOLL.

Through the project, young people plan to create a Guide for Sustainable Development and educate entrepreneurs about adapting business to sustainable development guidelines to contribute to environmental protection. The ultimate goal of the project is to build a safer, cleaner, and more supportive Dubrovnik that cares for the environment and provides support to those in need in various ways.

Program: ESC

Approved funds: EUR 5,888.00